Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yet another "Blind Test" question

Yeah; it's me again. Some concerns regarding the new category I recently proposed have emerged. Specifically, I'm not sure whether the category is viable, and that any songs are gonna be recognized from guitar parts alone, save for the main riff of "Smoke".

In order to test this, and thus either confirm or assuage my concerns, I'd like to record and post some guitar parts and see if y'all can guess what famous songs they're from. Provided Rev'd A can hook a brutha' up with some technical assistance. In each consecutive round, I'll post some songs which only have one guitar part/riff, as well as progressively simpler parts from songs with several layers of complexity. That's "startin' with da most difficult $hit", in case y'all wondered.

That way, I can test the concept and consequently ax or implement the category.

What say ye?


Anders said...

Sure, I can help you with the techie side of this. I have my World of Warcraft t-shirt and LEGO Star Wars figures, and I'm not afraid of using them!

Wilhelm said...

Sure ya do.

We could even make a game out of it and see who gets the most correct over a period of time...