Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The m-factor guitarquiz

A while ago I came with a suggestion for a "blind test" category - check here for details.

I figured I might as well make this an online music quiz, where I - with some technical assistance from Grandmaster A - post some guitar sections from famous songs, and anyone who wants to can submit answers. I'll be keeping score, both per round and cumulative, and following each round I'll post the answers and a scoreboard.

The rules:
  • For each round, a time frame will be defined during which you can submit your answer
  • You submit an answer by sending an email to mfactorquiz (at) gmail.com
  • Unless otherwise noted, a complete answer consists of the name of the artist AND song. Partial credit might be granted.
  • Do NOT submit an answer via the comment section before the answers have been posted
  • For each question, I'll define how many points it's worth, as described in the above post

This'll be up and running soon - hope it'll work out and that we get some crowd participation.

A-train - I sho' be needin' yo' assistance, yo


Anders said...

I'm on the job, buddy! You'll get your fix tonight.

(Ok, that sounds about drug releated, but I meant that I will upload your sound clips so you can post them here).

Wilhelm said...

Dat be sweet fo' sho'

Would you mind sending the links to mfactorquiz@gmail.com?

Anders said...

Would you mind sending the links to mfactorquiz@gmail.com?

Roger that!