Friday, January 25, 2008

Answers - guitarquiz 2

This one was apparently more polarizing than I thought. The songs were:
  • Song 6: Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

  • Song 7: Soft Cell - Tainted Love

  • Song 8: Metallica - Unforgiven

  • Song 9: Outkast - Hey Ya

  • Song 10: Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender

Concomitantly, we've got some severe changes in teh rankings:

Quiz 3:

  1. Cedric/Cathy (both 10/10)
  2. Cedric/Cathy (both 10/10)
  3. Anders (8/10)
  4. Sondre (4/10)

And the overall ranking after round 2 is:

  1. Cedric (16/20)
  2. Cathy (14/20)
  3. Anders/Sondre (tied at 12/20)

Good luck with round 3, and CONGRATS to teh winners


Anders said...

Soft cell - Tainted love
I actually haven't heard that song before. Ever. A collegue metioned the title when he passed me by when I was listening to it (I kept wondering if this was part of the intro to Wham - Wake Me Up (Before You Go Go?), but then you had to have missed the tempo...). There is always one song in you quizes that I've never heard.

Oh well, I'll be Back (as the Governor of California says) on quiz three.

Wilhelm said...

Good on ya, bro. No law against havin' some luck every now and then.

Wilhelm said...

Btw; I'm quite surprised that you hadn't heard the Em song before. After all, didn't your brother use to blast that album way back then?

Anders said...

Em? What song is that?

Wilhelm said...

..Eminem...Marshall Mathers...last song of the first quiz......

Anders said...

Oh, that one. No I've heard that one. I just didn't think of it. The song I haven't heard in the first quiz was the Black Sabbath song.

Pigeon said...

tainted love !!!!

I can't believe you don't know that one. where were you in the 80's ??
Even Marylin Manson made a cover of that one.

Wilhelm said...

where were you in the 80's ??

LOL......if Anders had a dime for every time he's been asked that (most of those times by me), he'd have been known as Dimebag fo' sho'


Anders said...

"where were you in the 80's ??" Yeah, pigeon, you really nailed it there. As W. said, I've never experienced the 80's. The 70's and the 90's I remember, though.

Anders said...

we've got some severe changes in teh rankings

No, no, not for me. I managed to defend my position... ;-)

Wilhelm said...

Just waitin' for them acoustic blues tunes to emerge, huh?