Saturday, January 26, 2008

Guitar Quiz

..or rather Guitar Wizz. I stumbled upon this device called the Guitar Wizard. This little thing comes with a DVD that "teaches" you how to play different songs, and you should be up and running within a day. And to complete it all, it comes with a "Guitar Wizard™ device", a tuner that gives you a "Wizard Worldwide™ tuning that traditional guitar tuners are not usually capable of producing"*.

As I understand it, this is a concave steel device with some rubber(?) strips on it that pushes down different strings when you wiggle the Wizard back and fourth, hence making different chords. I guess you would be able to play songs in a "Guitar Hero III" kind of way, but like the game, I don't think the wizard can help you to actually learn to play the guitar. You hand position is completely wrong to be any usefull. Ok, you might learn some right hand strumming, but that's it.

On the bright side, I know somebody that has a wife that buys guitar gear as presents. I'm sure she will be delighted when I send her the link to Guitar Wizard... ;-)

*Guitar nerd points to whomever can guess which tuning that is...


Wilhelm said...

What teh hell kind of new-fangled Dissimilis colored tape is this?

And to paraphrase Sammy Hagar - There is only ONE way to tune your guitar. There's A440 (or a slightly downtuned version of this), and there's heresy. Would YOU like to spend eternity as a lost soul just 'cause you were too lazy to learn more than one fingering for chords?


Anders said...

I'm just fascinated by all these gadgets and "systems" that suppose to help people play guitar without putting in any effort. They are all based around open D tuning (sometimes tuned up or down a couple of half steps), but the thing is, none of them will actually help to learn how to really play. Anyway, the Guitar Wizard is something of it's own. Haven't seen anything like it, I'll give them that.

Btw, Wilhelm, I consider giving you a Guitar Wizard as present the ultimate insult.

Wilhelm said...

Truly fascinating...a couple of years ago there were guitars on the market with fret-led's, which lighted up to indicate chords or scales. At least you stood a real chance of figuring stuff out with these.

Guitar Wizard, however...