Saturday, January 5, 2008


You betcha'! Commando is on TV, and I is a happy camper. Sure - the vast majority of the world's population finds this movie to be utter crap, but what the hell do they know.

Commando has got it all - Arnold while he was still huge, a mexican bad guy (well; from the made-up country of Val Verde, but we all know where it REALLY was), über-cool, over-the-top dialogue ("You're a funny guy, Sully. Dat's vy I'm going to kill yo last"), people being shot left and right with little or no signs of blood, bad guys having zero marksmanship skillz despite their extensive millitary backgrounds, and did I mention it's got Arnold close to his prime?

Don't playa-hate; appreciate!


Anders said...

Commando is an early example of genre of action movies that lasted at least a decade. The hero is almost invincable, alone against an army of evil bad-guys, doesn't want to fight, but the bad guys have done something to his girlfriend, best-buddy, family, favorite chef, etc, hero meets girl, get his ass slightly wiped before it's huge payback time. And of course, the witty comments, usually said after the hero has killed a bad guy.

Arnie, Sly, Van Damme, that pony-tailed bad actor guy (his name escapes me right now) and partially Bruce Willis all made a lot of movies with only slight variation of the general theme outlined above. Many of these movies now seem slightly outdated to me.

Not a big fan of Arnie, but I do like some of his flicks (e.g. Twins, Terminator), but never liked Commando.

Pigeon said...

you forget Chuck !!!!!!!!!!!

I thing the pony tailed guy is steven seagal

Wilhelm said...

Technically, I guess all they did was to take your basic western movie script into a modern setting, with some Reagan-era politics thrown in for good measure.

Don't matter none - Commando rules!