Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The m-factor guitarquiz 1

With a little help from Anders, here is the inaugural m-factor guitarquiz. Here are five tunes - anyone interested can submit answers to from today and until Sunday 012008. I'll post the answers and the score on Monday. Again, don't post answers in the comments section (feel free to comment, however), and what I want is name of both song and artist.

In this first round, I'd say most of the songs are quite simple to figure out. In case you're interested, I used my B.C. Rich Warlock, a Digitech Whammy and a Line 6 Guitarport/Rifftracker to record these five songs.

I'm not going to post any details or hints like genre, era etc. this time, so we'll see how it goes. Good luck!

Song number 1:

Song number 2:

Song number 3:

Song number 4:

Song number 5:

EDIT: If some of the songs won't play, you just have to reload the page. Worked for me...


Wilhelm said...

Maybe I should note that what's played in the first song are the verse and chorus sections. This is one of the most famous guitar-based songs in the history of the universe.

Anders said...

Aha! So that's where you've hidden the Elmore James song. Yes, it was hard to spot without the famous "slide to 12th fret Elmo' signature"-lick.

(this elmore james joke is getting really old, really fast)

Wilhelm said... know; I might throw in some altered version of a Elmore james song just for the hell of it

And yes

Wilhelm said...

Come on people; I need more answers up in heah

So far only two sets of answers

Anders said...

Done. My are sent in. What bothers me is that I haven't got the songs I think it is, so I can't "check" my answers.