Saturday, January 5, 2008

One of life's many mysteries

When people decide to show up totin' six large plastic bags of recycleable soda and (mostly) beer cans in a mall during prime shopping hours on a Saturday, causing hyooge lines, what does that say about them?
  1. They're alcoholics?
  2. They're sociopaths who live for annoying people?
  3. They're award-winning slobs who don't recycle until they can't walk around in their apartments without crushing beer cans?


Anders said...

4) That the stores should make sure that their recycling machines have enough capasity to deal with us alcoholic, sociopatic, award-winning slobs. Because we like Saturday prime shopping time (we're sociopaths, you know) and have a lot to recycle (we may be alcoholics and slobs, but we're also enviromental friendly).

Pigeon said...

That's not the most annoying stuff about saturday's shoppin'

Why Matlock (who doesn't work) always have to wait saturday to shop ????

Wilhelm said...

Environmentally friendly when you get a refund, you mean, ya sociopath you.

Still; it doesn't strike you as slightly insensititive and quite akin to the guy who insists on doing his weekly shopping during rush hour and pays for everything with coins?