Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snakes on a train

It's been a while that I've heard of that "movie". I first thought it was a sequel of the SLJ "movie" snakes on a plane but it was actually made by an alternative studio The Asylum who made a speciality of making movies with aproximately the same subject of the big studios but with almost no money*. The film was out directly on video stores 3 days before the official one. The thing is the movie with SLJ is so bad that I can't imagine something worse even if it's for 5% of the budget.

Then I read the synopsis of the Snakes on a train movie. And surprisingly, it's seems to be worse. Check yourselves:

Under a powerful zombie curse, snakes are hatched inside a young woman, slowly devouring her from within. Her only chance of survival is a powerful shaman who lives across the border.

With only hours to live, she jumps on a train headed for Los Angeles. Unfortunately for the passengers aboard, they are now trapped, soon to be victims of these flesh eating vipers...
* they made a remake of Pirates of the Carabian with Lance henricksen instead of Johnny Depp


Wilhelm said...

...headed for LA by train with only hours to live, and it's from across the border......

She couldn't swim or drive an El Camino like other people?

Pigeon said...

You mean "like an animal" ????

Snakes on El camino will be the next one probably, cause snakes in the river already exists : Anaconda with JLo

Wilhelm said...

Do you think there's a third company which makes low-budget rip-off's off of the second company?

And I would like to point out that while snakes in the river with a mexican chick for some people refers to the movie Anaconda, it might be called "Thursday" or any other Saturday for others.