Friday, January 25, 2008

One of those days - TGIF

..damn has this week ever been brutal. Capital B, capital R UTAL. TGI-freakin'-F


Anders said...

Ahh... Good one. I didn't understand the third one though. What's it about???

Wilhelm said...

Ever been to one of those lectures where the sheer amount of information you're subjected to far exceeds your ability to either absorb or even take down the presented material?

Kind of like drinking from a fire hose?

I've seen this look from students if I veer off on a tangent about molecular spectroscopy and transition dipoles - it's as far away from the topic as I'll stray

/not so funny when you have to explain it, though

Anders said...

Jokes are most funny when they are explained. ;-)

I don't know why, but I was just so set on this beeing a student experiment or clinical trial that I didn't get the (obvious) point. It could have been about that up to the last frame, which then doesn't make sense. :-/

Wilhelm said... people in medical industry and your clinical trials