Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reeeeal slow news week?

Is it a real slow news week? Just check out this article in Dagbladet (in Norwegian only, sorry). I'm speechless.


Wilhelm said...

Johan Aslak Hætta (26) er trist i luftegården.

...somehow this made me LOL......

Must be slow news day - they haven't even milked the "Stock market crashes and we're all gonna DIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE" headlines today.

/epic douchebag journalists tryin' to hype up a non-existing stock market crisis

Anders said...

Yeah, I gave up translating that article to English. So many points just had been lost or had to be explained.

But don't worry, Willy, the "Stock market crashes" headlines will be back. After the mens handball European Cup is over and the journalists will get more time on their hand (yes, judging from they know about economy, is suspect it's the same journalists that cover sports and stock market). Or then they might write about "New all time high on stock market. Oil prices through the roof." Remember, just before new year, the same newspaper wrote about how fantastic the new year was going to be, how much the increase in pay would be, etc, etc.