Monday, January 7, 2008

Weird what it is when you've got a "For sale" sign on your house. It's also weird to see your house in a "For sale" ad on and in the paper. Also, it feels strange that tonight, people are gonna show up (hopefully) to check out our place and start the process of haggling over the asking price.

Flat out weird.


Anders said...

Yes it is. Good luck with your sale, bro'.

Wilhelm said...

Appreciate that, bro.

Unfortunately, not one single soul showed up. There were my wife, myself and the realtor's water boi. Two souls.

Kjerstin said...

I thought you just bought your house? What am I missing?

Wilhelm said...

True; we just bought a house, but now we're in the process of selling the one we bought in 2003/2004. Currently we live in a row house - I can't believe the English word for rekkehus/flermannsbolig is so crude, so we're trading up.

Finally we'll have a library. And a view.