Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Power Ballad of the Day September 8th

Today: "Miles Away" by Winger:

Winger - Miles Away

There's enough cheese in this song and video to provide extra toppings as well as embed the crust and clog your arteries. In my opinion, this song would've been very good if not for the fact that it was made late in the game for power ballads, with no originality whatsoever and with a stereotypical b&w video with band shots interspersed between some "Grease" car scenes.

The band Winger is actually a good example of the power media wields. The first Winger album sold quite well and with "Miles Away", the band was on its way to the same hair metal echelons as Skid Row. Then MTV and more specifically Beavis and Butthead happened. If you've watched the show, you'll remember the loser kid that B&B constantly pick on. This kid wore a Winger t-shirt, and the record sales dropped almost immediately. Not surprising, considering that the very same channel that built up Winger via hard rotation of their videos also featured the widely popular cartoon that tore the band down.


T-bombz said...

Do I see a mustache on the lead singer? No wonder the poor little bastard got picked on.

Wilhelm said...

....Kip Winger, songwriter, singer and bass player of Winger, had all kinds of hair arrangements in his face and on his head.