Saturday, September 26, 2009

Power Ballad of the Day September 26th

Today: "Green-Tinted Sixties Mind" by Mr. Big.

Again, there was a slew of more obvious choices - like "Wild World", "To Be With You" and "Just Take My Heart". However, I've got a soft spot for this song, with the tapped intro which is somewhat reminiscent of a certain G'N'R tune. Mr. Big actually reformed recently and is currently touring. You should check them out - how often do you have teh opportunity to see talents like Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan in a melody-oriented band?


Torbjørn said...

Haven't even heard of this band.

Is there some kind of irony here?

Wilhelm said...

Nonsense, brah. Just youtube "To Be With You" and see if it sparks some memories

Torbjørn said...

Heard that song, yeah. Never paid any attantion to who's singing that song.

Torbjørn said...


All of a sudden I realised that the song was "green-tinted sixties mind" by Mr Big, and NOT "tinted sixties mind" by Mr. Big Green.