Sunday, September 27, 2009

10 worst songs of Metal

Side2 just published a list over metal's 10 worst songs. Follow the link for the videos, I'll just repeat the list here:

1. Dangerous Toys - Sport'n a woody

2. Kiss - Forever

3. Grim Reaper - Suck it And See

4. Ozzy Osbourne - Working Class Hero

5. AC/DC - Fly on the Wall
AC/DC is metal? Oh well, this songs sounds like any other AC/DC tune to me...

6. White Lion - Wait
As Side2 points out: This band was called "Shite Lion" on British radio... LOL!

7. Nargaroth - Black metal ist Krieg

8. Guns 'n Roses - Look At Your Game, Girl

9. Metallica - Invisible Kid

10. Accept - Generation Clash

Nearly half of the bands are unknown to me, and  for the bands I know, the songs doesn't sound that much worse then then ones I know. Anybody how's missing from the list?


Wilhelm said...

I agree with the other songs, but I can't figure out why they're hatin' on White Lion. The G'N'R song is the one they "borrowed" from Charlie Manson, right?

Wilhelm said...

..let the record show that the author of the piece looks like a Coldplay-lovin', Mac-ownin', solid D-average gettin' nobody

Anders said...

You mean this dude?

Don't know anything about a G'n'R - Manson connection.

White Lion: No comment from me. ;-)

Wilhelm said...

..that's the "guy"

Torbjørn said...

Bah! White Lion rocks!

Wilhelm said...

White Lion rulz

Anders said...

Uh, that should be KNUCKLES!

Wilhelm said...

Damn straight!

Mike said...

I have never heard those songs :)

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