Wednesday, September 9, 2009

..the drugs don't work

...according to VG, Thailand is an eldorado for bodybuilders, as represented by "Tom", a self-admitted steroid user from Oslo who travels to Thailand every year in order to stock up on gear. According to the "article" - "Tom" has wide shoulders and enormous upper arms.

So; hypothetically speaking...if you're gonna write an article about drugs and bodybuilding, wouldn't it be a good idea to find some "model" and interview subject who, I don't know, at least looks like he works out? Nobody would suspect this loser of steroid use. As a matter of fact, he should lawyer up, take a bunch of shots (pardon the pun) and use the photographic evidence to get his money back. If he's honest about having purchased gear, he obviously was sold sugar sugar pills and brine/oil suspensions.

Talk about delusions of grandeur..Methinks "Tom" might very well be in Thailand for purposes of "injection", but that the "injections" in questions have nothing to do with Deca, Winny or Test.


Anonymous said...

hehe ye i would agree 2 this post. If he been a bodybuilder 4 22 years and taking drugs he really need to get the $$ bacause they aint working probably sugar pill as u say :) grth post

Anonymous said...

this guys is a joke if u look at first pic he is using f'n foam 2 protect his freaking girls hands from the iron and 0 weight on it
no one that is at the gym and are doing "hard" gym work uses any of the shit only magnesium 4 grip
what a laugh!!

Anonymous said...

lol, so true. Well, if anybody would need steroids, it would be that guy. They don`t seem to be working for him, though.

Wilhelm said...

A creepy-looking 40-year old computer nerd from Norway who's spending a lot of time and money in Thailand? Imagine my surprise.

A colleague of mine has a theory that the scrub VG "journalist" simply walked up to some random crepy-looking Norwegian guy who was lurking around in Pattaya and asked:

VG: Why are you in Thailand?

Douchebag: D'OH...uuhhhhhh

VG: Are you here because you're a bodybuilder looking to push some massive weights and score cheap equipoise?

Douchebag: ..uuuhhh...yeah...that's it...