Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Power Ballad of the Day September 22nd

A song that needs no introduction (hopefully):

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again

It's fairly obvious why this video really helped launch this (magnificent) song into single-success orbit - and I'm not talking about Tawny Kitaen doing splits and kavorking across two cars. The band actually looks like it's enjoying what they do, and David Coverdale has an almost unmatched presence.

It also helps that Coverdale has one of the best voices in hard rock and that at this point in time, his band was successful enough to allow him to hire any musician he pleased. Depending on your point of view, that was either great - as it allowed him to hire such luminaries as Steve Vai, Rudy Sarzo and Adrian Vandenberg -or it sucked, because his old pals from the blues rock era got the old heave-ho.


Torbjørn said...

What can I say? Another song that couldn't be left out.

Wilhelm said...

...instant classic, much like Christian Cage :-)

I actually prefer the radio edit version of this song, but that version is much less power-ballad-y

Anders said...

Nothing meaningful to add, just a short note saying I'm impressed that you've manage to come up with 22 different tunes so far. I could say keep up the good work, put that would be pushing it... :-D

Wilhelm said...

Thanks...I guess.

In truth, the hard part is limiting the number of songs within the given criteria. If more than one song per band was permitted and the time frame opened up, I could at least fill up six months :-)

Anders said...

Well, you gotta come up with the video clips as well. So the tune can't be that "off the beaten path". I've had a hard time finding good videos for the blues tunes I've posted (to counter all of these hair ballads).

Wilhelm said...

Actually it wouldn't be a problem even with video