Thursday, September 17, 2009

Power Ballad of the Day September 17th

Today's cheesefest:

Mötley Crüe - Without You

Never was a big fan of the 'Crüe, and never could figure out where they got their uppity attitude with respect to their musical and attitude credentials compared to those of, say, Poison and Warrant. They're posers, they wear lipstick, they pout for the camera and they used more aqua net than their female audience. Pot, meet kettle.

This tune is from their only decent album - Dr. Feelgood - and the video is a mixture of nonsensical backdrops, poorly veiled allusions to the band members' genitals and a penchant for literal tracking between video and lyrics.

For example, when the lyrics go "I reach out and touch the rain" (whatever that means), Vince Neil reaches out in the video and extends his hand into - well - pouring rain. Profound stuff.

If you listen to the lyrics and find yourself saying that this is probably the work of a non-native English speaker in his early teens who don't do that well in school, you should know that Nikki Sixx considers himself to be a lyrical genious of hitherto unknown proportions - the kind of lyricist Dylan and Billy Joel could only hope to get close to.


Torbjørn said...

Another song I had forgotten.

I really like this month!

Wilhelm said...


Power Ballads Rule

Torbjørn said...

I was actually planning to attend the Mötley Crüe consert in Bergen this summer, but some babysitter issue prevented me from it.

Wilhelm said...

A colleague of mine went to one of their concerts in Oslo a year back or two, and he said they absolutely sucked