Saturday, September 5, 2009

Power Ballad of the Day September 5th

Today: "I Saw Red" by Warrant:

With Warrant, I had a bunch of songs to choose between, from the "Every Rose has Its Thorn"-ripoff known as "Heaven", via "Blind Faith" to "Sometimes She Cries" and "I Saw Red". I opted against "Sometimes She Cries" because it's perhaps the most insensitive powerballad in existence, as it tells a story about a girl who can't get a boyfriend anymore 'cause she's got a small child. But not to worry, singer Jani Lane says, he'll give her a shot. Real nice.

"I Saw Red" on the other hand, is a song of thematic contrasts between the verses and chorus, as dude walks in on his (no doubt stripper) girlfriend doing the unskinny bop with another guy (probably Bret Michaels or the singer from Ratt,this being LA in the late 80's and all), Quite a good song, actually.

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