Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Power Ballad of the Day September 29th

Thought I'd include at least one Norwegian power ballad, and here it is: "Tonight I'm Falling" by TNT

Great song, with machine-gunning and all, absolutely horrible video. Wasn't sure which Norwegian song to include - found a video of "Forever In My Heart" by Da Vinci, but the lip-syncing was beyond gruesome. Stage Dolls made a comeback some seven or eight years ago, so finding live clips from their "golden age" is kinda' hard. Another option would be Return, but alas I couldn't find a video for their best power ballad "Straight Across My Heart".


Torbjørn said...

Hey, Anders and I were on a Stage Dolls consert last year.
Awsome experience, Anders?

Anders said...

Off course. I'm a die-hard fan. Always have, always will be.