Thursday, September 10, 2009

Power Ballad of the Day September 10th

You wanted the best, and you got.....KISS? If so, y'all should demand a complete refund, but before that, check out:

KISS - Reason To Live

"Crazy Nights" is in my opinion the only KISS album of any consequence, although I'm certainly in the minority. The video here shows pretty much shows a) Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons mean-mugging and pouting for the camera, and b) some half-nekkid chick. While the song - if you only listen to it - tells a motivational story of heartbreak and subsequent getting over it, the accompanying video tells the story of a girl who's been dumped by Paul Stanley and - after thinking about killing herself because of this - rises like Phoenix from the ashes and sets fire to Paul Stanley's sports car. Riveting stuff.


T-bombz said...

I agree with you; "Crazy nights" is the KISS allbum for non-fans.

Wilhelm said...