Saturday, September 12, 2009

Power Ballad of the Day September 12th

Today's classic:

Cinderella - Don't Know What You've Got Until It's Gone

Two things about this piano-driven epic: 1) I can't believe how strained the vocal sounds, and 2) it seems like an awful lot of work required to haul a grand piano down to the beach.


T-bombz said...

From the "Long Cold Winter" album, which is the best Cinderella album in my opinion.

Wilhelm said... the sense that it's the only album I really like. The vocals are REALLY strained though

Torbjørn said...

When you listen to the Cinderella albums, it's hard to hear that it's the same band (perheps with the exeption of the voice of Tom Keifer).

"Night songs" is more rocked than "Long Cold Winter", while "Homebound Train" sounds like blues to me.

Wilhelm said...

LCW is teh only Cinderella album I've listened to all the way through. Repeatedly, on a car trip from K-town to Bergen in mid-January as a matter of fact.

Torbjørn said...

I liked the "Night songs" as well. Nobody's fool could also be a candidate for this list, if it weren't for the one song per band criterion.