Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blues tune of the week

Mississippi John Hurt - You Got to Walk That Lonesome Valley
Countless guitarists have learned fingerpicking blues from Mississippi john Hurt tunes. Their may seem simple, but the mans pack a lot emotions in his songs. He was one of the "rediscovered" bluesmen of the 60's blues revival, allegedly tracked down by information given in his tune Avalon Blues.

Though he has more famous songs then this, I picked it because it was the best video I could find. And every Mississippi John Hurt tune sounds the same anyway...

Enjoy, and have a nice weekend.


Wilhelm said...

Not A440 I take it? :-/

Anders said...

A440, what's that? Any connections with the boyband A1, known for their hit single "Caught In The Middle"?

Wilhelm said...'re the boy band expert, brah -you tell me..