Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tres Movies

Shooter (2007)
Shoot'em up flick starring Mark Wahlberg and Danny "I'm too old for this $hit" Glover. Marky Mark plays the part of a retired sniper who's framed for an assasination attempt on El Presidente himself. Of course, there is narrow escapes and marches for revenge and whatnot. But I have to admit - this was a pretty cool movie. Ok plot, and great ending. Actors worked well too, and as always, Wahlberg does a good job. Guy is very believable as an action star.

Perfect Stranger (2007)
Absolute snoozefest spearheaded by Bruce Willis and Halle Berry. Other major players include "hipster-looking guy wannabe in white labcoat from CSI Las Vegas". The plot involves a journalist - Halle Berry - workin' undercover as a temp at a big ad agency headed by Bruce Willis. Generally, it's not a good thing when you're rootin' for the bad guy to off the heroine - unrealistically played by Berry. Perhaps it's from the fact that I believe in Halle Berry the Oscar-winning actress as much as I believe in the existence of unicorns and decent "authentic" Italian food. Halle Berry sucks, plain and simple. And I'm not just talking about credible theories as to how she got into acting in the first place - her suction manages to pull down the entire movie, which might have had potential. It picks up at the end, but still

The Deal (2006)
Booooriiiingggg. El crappo.

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