Monday, September 10, 2007

Let the games begin

Now that I've done my part to rid my community of the existing ruling body - i.e. voted, I'm excited to follow the results as they develop throughout the evening and night. I don't have any realistic expectations for "my team", but I've done all I can do. Including telling the mayoral candidate that he and his team have done a crappy job here in Trondheim and that I'll vote for them out of a complete lack of viable alternatives rather than in recognition of a job well done. Told it to his face, that is, while he was standing outside his hopped-up lemonade stand last Thursday, seemingly reluctant to engange in contact with potential voters. He was almost apologetically handing out those flyers, and avoided eye contact. To top it off, as I took the flyer and stopped up - an opportunity even the most inept of sales people use to rattle off their pitch, dude just stood there, looked down and seemingly shrunk away. Even though I took the flyer AND stopped up, I had to engage him in conversation.

After walking off from this somewhat one-sided affair, I looked at the flyers and discovered that the guy I'd been talking to was the primary mayoral candidate for this party. Now; if I can intimidate the hell out of him in broad daylight while he knew that I'd still vote for them, I seriously wonder how he appears in public debates with people who fundamentally and vehemently disagree with him.

This is the closest I get to the feeling sports fans get when they root for their home team - that I actually care what the outcome is. So I'll watch everything I can find on the election tonight, and I'll probably be pissed off tomorrow, seeing as how the present regime has overwhelmingly good odds based on every poll done since the previous local election.

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