Friday, September 28, 2007

Daddy needs a new pair of shoes

I'm in Oslo for the weekend, and it's kind of become tradition in our household that we hoard shoes whenever we're here. No exception this time, as we found out while working our way down Bogstadveien this afternoon........great shopping district for shoes!

Apparently, I've got some sort of shopping genes going on up in heah. At this point,we need another bag to haul our loot back to T-town come Sunday, and odds are we'll shop some more tomorrow. Curse the large selection of goods not available in our home town...........

Still; I've given my first talk at the University of Oslo, so I've done something professional too.


Anders said...

So, any luck on day two of shopping? "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag?"

Wilhelm said...

Li'l bit. Some DVD's.