Thursday, September 13, 2007

actor or real carzy dude ?

I mean it !!!!!!!!!


Wilhelm said... in the mother of all coincidences, you post a "Leave me alone" video just when I'm really giving you a hard time.

Whatever - I'll lay off teh french bashing for a couple of days, "Britney".


Wilhelm said...

Btw; that dude needs the help of professionals whether he's acting or not. Especially if he's not acting, but still.

You need to work on your timing, "Britney", I mean Pigeon.

Anders said...

Haven't seen the MTW awards performance by Miss (Mrs?) Spears. Is it out there some where? Personally I believe that Miss Spears are a muscial prodigy that makes music with the same quality as Yngwie Malmsteen, Cacophony, Symphony X, Running Wild and Stratovarius.

Anders said...

Ops... Seeing how your recent updated playlist starts showing some good taste, I retract any remark about the above artists and Miss Spears. I'm so sorry, I hope my moment of temporarily insanity not in any way have effected your personal taste in music or any member or fans of the above mentioned bands.

Wilhelm said...

.....OH,OH, OH.

No you di'nt!

If you want to get to Yngwie you have to go through ME. Leave him ALONE! I MEAN IT!!!

Anders said...

But you're OK with Cacophony, Symphony X, Running Wild and Stratovarius?

Well, at least Yngiwe knows not to show up half nude in a magazine photo shot when his body asks him not to.

If you want to get to Yngwie you have to go through ME.

First weekend in October? Let's get ready to RUMBLE! I know I can take you on. The statisticians from Political Science and Media Sociology department say the odds are overwhelmingly in my favour!

Wilhelm said...

...insert some lame-ass laughing smiley here.


Pigeon said...

Can the survivor post a video on the blog afterwards? I wouldn't miss that.

Anders said...

P: No video. The tickets are 450 NOK each for the live performace. Betting is allowed, though.

Wilhelm said...

What; only 450? What's the word on the street regarding the odds - 'cause I wanna get in on the action.

Some cash could come in handy before I'm shipped off to the rice fields.

Anders said...

Hey, don't take the victory for granted. I'm the underdog, just like Rocky (cue "eye of the tiger"). Doing some hardcore training, facing a superior opponent, but at the end... eh.. looses, actually (at least in the first movie).

Wilhelm said...

I'm putting my money on the odds winner, whomever that turns out to be.

I's just out ta make a dime, yo.

Pigeon said...

I bet on V to the V

Just because I have no idea how big you are A to nothing

450 I hope that I have a beer for the price !!!

Wilhelm said...

Teh problem is that I don't know how we'll rumble. For all I know, it could be a beard-growing contest, in which case I'd be utterly, utterly outclassed.

Also, I'd be absolutely first-round KO'd if we were to compete in computer or html skills.

If we were to have a headcutting duel Crossroads style, Anders has the distinct advantage of being able to play on guitars that appear to be out of tune, but which turn out to be tuned in "open chitlin flat". If it ain't A440 or a downtuned version, I'm toast.

Anders said...

Not only that, I've found a guitar in my style that could go head-to-head with "Daphne Blue" on a manly finish contest:
(look at the color description. Somehow, I get the feeling that this isn't the offical factory name for it...)

W-boy: I thought you knew the we solve all our disputes rock-paper-scissor, west coast style. I'm practising on my rock, which is my secret weapon! (Rock wins all, right?)

Wilhelm said...

Ya think?

Rock sucks - 'tis no match for teh Dio hand, which wins all.