Monday, September 24, 2007

Symphony Of Self-Destruction paraphrase Dave Mustaine's biggest hit.

Mike Tyson, at one time possibly the greatest boxer ever, pleads guilty to drug posession and DUI. Again. How much of an idiot is it possible to be. Considering that dude's a repeat felon, he is screwed if caught with anything illegal. And considering his track record, he's gonna get pulled over a lot by da police, even disregarding the fact that he's a black dude with facial tattoos driving very expensive cars. So getting caught with cocaine and "drug paraphernalia" while driving high is just....beyond stupid. Especially when you think of the fact that he could have stayed home or at some homie's crib and gotten as high as he ever wanted without any risk whatsoever. Of course I'm not condoning drug use here - just stating the fairly obvious. Essentially, Mike Tyson is facing up to four years and three months in prison for being stupid.

Tyson needs to have one last fight, MMA style against Fedor or Cro Cop. He'd get slaughtered, but a) he's talked up a storm about how he'd kick their asses, and b) he'd limp home with one hell of a payday.

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