Monday, September 3, 2007

10 things I miss the most from France

Here it is .

1-that's obvious and not very original: family and friends. Even if we come back from time to time it's really difficult to meet everybody. I've lost many contacts since I'm gone and no es bueno.

2-French TV. Seems stupid but there were lots of program that I really liked to watch. Especially the french news channel. It's definitely not the same to watch CNN or the BBC.

3-French supermarkets. Why the Norvegian grossery stores are so small ? and even when they are big you find exactly the same things than in the small ones. Choice is a word that norvegians definitely don't know.

4-Almost the same: Big malls. Norvegian malls suck !!! "Let's go to this mall" "Oh but the shops are exactly the same than in the previous one !" "yes but you had to drive to go to this one !"

5-Grass football fields- I guess it's a matter of climate but playing football in an artificial field is definitely not the same !!! (and don't talk about gravel fields)

6-Cheap beers-Damn alcohol is expensive in Norway!!! (and the roads are bad) And I really like beer !!! ( Football and beer fan, I should learn Norvegian to be able to read Pondus)

7-Warm summer- It's cold in Norway isnt'it ?? It's really cool to hang out in Paris in july and august when everybody's gone (except the tourists of course).

8-The subscription card for the cinema- You can say whatever you want but 15 euros per month to see as many movies as you want, that's really cool. The bad things : Most of the time the movies are doubled in french.

9-Pizzas: They are so much better in France (Italian way)

10- Versailles: This city is so beautiful. I have so many great memories there. It's always a great pleasure to go back. I just like the atmosphere.

To conclude the things that I definetely don't miss

1-the job market: really bad for 20 years now and even if you're lucky enough to find a job, you will be underpaid

2-security: It's strange how you easily forget that feeling of unsafety when you're in Norway.


Wilhelm said...


Not a big fan of stores here, eh?

I must say; I vehemently disagree about the Italian pizzas. Then again, maybe it boils down to me hatin' on Italian food done the Italian way. I've been to plenty of "authentic" Italian restaurants, but the last time I had really good Italian food that was not home-made was at the olive garden in Cary, NC, Good ol' US of A.

Anders said...

Hey, Italian pizza rulez! You don't like'em the "authentic" way, you prefer the American way. Anyway, I agree that there aren't many great "Italian" restaurants here in Norway. Maybe it's because this is Norway, not Tuscany...

And P, yes, I would love a warmer summer! But right now, I would settle for a drier autumn, winter and spring. And summer...

Wilhelm said...

Tru, tru I simply don't like "authentic" Italian food.

And guess what; it turns out I think "authentic" Italian ice cream sucks too.....

How 'bout them apples, eh?


Anders said...

Well, I think we can agree on the ice cream. While I think Italian ice cream are good, I still prefer the thick and creamy ones over it.

Wilhelm said...

Throw in "Clapton sucks", and we have a deal........


Wilhelm said...

p-diddy: 15 Euros for a month's worth of cinema entrance is a sweet deal fo' sho'.

Yet somehow I think you've wasted it on Van Damme and SLJ movies, plus M. Afternoon Shamalamadingdong sagas like "The Village", "Return of the Son of the Directors Cut of The Village", "The Hills Wear Contact Lenses", "The Suburb", "Enter The Village", "The Village Has Eyes", "Jurassic Village" and "The Villages In The Hills Have Eyes and Wear Glasses"

Pigeon said...

You're 100% right
I've spent too much time with those for sure

Wilhelm said...

You mean "I Know What You Did Last Summer when you Visited The Village Where The Hills Have Eyes" type movies?


Anders said...

I know what I did last summer. Scary, hu?

Wilhelm said...

Uncanny. Downright frightening