Monday, September 10, 2007

Election - play-by-play

Well; I've got to say that it's looking grim here in Trondheim. The only consolation is that the "socialist" party has lost almost 50% of the votes compared to the last local election. Arbeiderpartiet (Labour) appears to be the clear winner in Trondheim, which was not entirely surprising. Every poll has shown that they've got the confidence of a large faction of voters. Also, truth be told, compared to some other party, who shall forever remain nameless unless they actually get someone with charisma in local and national positions of power, Arbeiderpartiet has put in a lot of legwork. Stands at malls, pamphlets in the mail, representatives who actually try to engage passerbys in conversation and debate, etc.

Guess I better prepare for the rice fields......


Anders said...

Just a bit of irony: I have marked my post box with no less then four, count'em four, stickers with "No Advertising". Still, not at single party has managed to not fill my post box with pamphlets with dull looking people with stupid smiles on the front. And that includes all the "environment" parties, which rest of the year promotes recycling paper and actions to reduce the waste we produce. But when it's something important, it seems that all bets are off.

W: You should get one of those large straw hats to get some shade in your neck when you're picking rice.

Wilhelm said..., we've gotten pamphlets from just about very party except Høyre.

Bunch of no-good in Trondheim they lost about 50% of the votes compared to the previous election.

It would be ironic if I had a red neck whan I picked the rice, wouldn't it?