Sunday, September 9, 2007

Campin' with Jesus

Saw this really scary documentary on NRK1 today - "På Leir Med Jesus" (Campin' with Jesus). It deals with some evangelical church societies in USA, and how they ship their kids off to a church camp called "Kids On Fire" in Devil's Lake, North Dakota. Fitting name, by the way. At this brain wash camp, the kids are greeted and "educated" by Reverend Becky Fisher, who specializes in preaching to kids, because "if you manage to get to kids at the age of 7 or earlier, they're not gonna stray". Pretty freakin' scary right there.

Over the bulk of the documentary, we follow three exceptionally brain-washed and revolting kids before and after they roll into the "Kids On Fire". Some of the stuff they show from the camp, I couldn't have made up if I tried. At one point, some douchebag rolls in, work the kids up into a patriotic frenzy, and asks them "So who's ready to lay down their lives for Christ". The camp councellors keep referring to the kids as "Soldiers of Christ". Kids keep telling that whenever they meet someone "non-christian" on the street or wherever, it just doesn't feel right. And get this; when asked about how her tactics closely resemble those of third-world countries recruiting child soldiers and putting AK-47's in their hands, her reply was "Well; the other religions do it". Swell.

It's amazing how islamic extremists and nutjob Christian sects are exactly the same.


Anders said...

How come Christians are nutjobs and Muslims are extremists? Aren't Christians extreme enough for you?

Serious: I often wonder about why so "few" Christian nutjobs are considered extremists in the western world. They are no better then their Islamic counterparts.

Pigeon said...

I have seen the movie and I was chocked. Damn the Kid with long hairs was really scary: And I don't talk about the predicator which should go to jail and never see the light again

Wilhelm said...

I agree - they're exactly the same. Both have incentives for martyrdom as they expect to have a reward for their actions in the afterlife, which makes them the only category of people willing to do suicide bombing, for example. Also, the evangelists make a mockery out of the democratic process by telling their congregation which party and candidate to vote for.

Forget prison for the douchebag preachers who specialize in "educating" children - they should get an appointment with sweet lady KCl