Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Best movies ever (according to me myself and I)

Since We totally disagreed with Wilhelm about Die Hard 4 (I would not recommand that to my worse enemy), He asked me to give my list of my 10 favorite movies of all time
I can't give a ranking (I can't give only 10 neither) so here's a list of some o my favorites movies

2001 a space odissey (Kubrick, no it's not boring, it's just perfect)
Barry Lindon (Kubrick again)
Paths of glory (Yes I like Kubrick very much)
Breaking the waves (Lars Von Trier, Danish cinema but not boring)
The dear Hunter (Cimino)
The Godfather 1 and 2 (Coppola)
North and Northwest (The Hitch, the best adventure movie ever)
Silence of the lambs (Demme, Hopkins and foster are amazing in that one)
Fight club (Fincher, damn a movie with a political message is not that often)
Paris Texas (Wnders, and no it's not boring just beautiful)
Heat (Mann)
12 Monkeys (Gilliam, yes it's a great science fiction movie)
Pulp Fiction (Tarantino)
Requiem for a dream ( Aronofski)
The big Lebowski (Coen Brothers, the funniest movie ever)
Lost in translation (S. Coppola, Bill Muray...)
Groundhog day (Ramis, Amazing Bill Muray)
Mulholland Drive (Lynch at his best)
Donnie Darko
Old boy
NY 97 and The thing (Carpenter)
Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind (Gondry, a really smart movie)
and to conclude 2 french movies that every should see:
The Beat That My Heart Skipped and Read My Lips (Audiard)

I forget many movies like almost all the Scorceses, Sergio Leones...


Wilhelm said...

Well....ayaman has seen about 12 of these 26 movies, and liked 5 of them. Wouldn't put all of those five on my own personal "best movie evah" list, but that's just me. I'd definitely put Godfather 1 and 2 on it, though.

2001 A Vacuum Adventure is just plain boring. Monster failed attempt at either creating a science fiction anything or "a movie that really makes you stop and THINK, man". Lay down the blunt for a second, and try to give me a synopsis of the storyline in the movie. Nothing, huh? Guess you got some good chronic when you watched that one. Snoochiebootchies....

About the dozen primates, I've already got beef with you for that one, so I'm gonna leave it for now....ya bait-and-switch, director-and-gaffer trivia reciting french guy.

The Big Lebowski was funny and junk, but I've got no problem naming like 10 movies I think are funnier and better - of course Ford Fairlane being one of them.

What's the fascination with Bill Murray? Dude's always playing the same freakin' role, the "I'm just so sick of it all, yet I somehow fail to break away from the path of self-pity and repetition on which I have embarked, because I'm just cruisin' on Front Street, and I'm failing miserably at being cool". Murray should be mentioned in the same breath as Chevy Chase. Groundhog Day is typically a favorite among those who are big fans of Rodney Dangerfield and Caddyshack. You know; weak one-liners propped up by semi-naked teenage girls running around or losing their bras.

To conclude; I like less than 50% of the movies you declare to be the best ever, so I take this as a giant sign that I should sop listening to you when you recommend movies. ;-)

Anders said...

How come the french masterpiece Bilitis didn't make your list? It's an adaptation of the poetic novel Chanson de Bilitis of Pierre Louys.

Wilhelm said...

WTF? Who are you and what have you done to Anders?

Pigeon said...

After checking, it seems that it's an erotic movie !!!
so you're favorite movie is deep throat, Anders ?

Anders said...

I didn't say it was my favorite. And it's not erotic, it's french! You should know that, P.

Wilhelm said...

"It's not erotic, it's french"

Quoted for posterity. Thanks, Grandmaster A.

Anders said...

Man, do I get little cred in here. I'm naming an obscure 70's french art flick, and do I get an "impressionnant"? Noooo! Not even a little "très bon" or "Je suis le grande impresionnate par le movié cnoligé des votre". I ask for so little, and I'm not even getting that...

Wilhelm said...

Brutal use of online translator, dawg. We need to see The Big Hit again soon. Knucle up, biatch.

Anders said...

Online translator my @ss!
Ok, I admit the two first ones were from a translator. But the rest is all mine. I "borrowed without intent to return" some of the words from our talking bird, but the grammar and made up words are all mine! Couldn't fit "plateu dé la pip-pip" in there, but with a pigeon around in this blog, I will have a chance to use that one later.

French is easy. Just put an "´" on the e's, replace I with Je, add some la's, le's and "par" for the authentic wibe, and you're well on your way. Even the frenchiest will be impressed!

So, statistical speaking, how much was nonsens on this blog again?

Wilhelm said...

Good Glayvin; the BS meter just went off DA HOOK. Damn that we can't post .gif's as comments.

SO; what about The Big Hit, eh?