Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yet another annoying and sexist commercial

But this time, it's the totally annoying, male chauvinist Coca Cola Zero commercials that I keep getting spammed with. The latest - aptly titled "The Breakup" involves a couple in a roadside diner, where the dude is trying to work up the courage to break up. After a sip of Coca Cola Zero - the components of which apparently alters his genetic make-up somehow, another thought I find more than slightly disturbing - everything changes. First, the light turns an especially gaudy shade of red, stripper poles appear along with their stripper accessories (or vice versa), and the girlfriend all of a sudden states that she doesn't feel it's right for him to be with only one girl, but that he should feel free to call her whenever he wants to do something fun.

So who wrote this commercial? Some degenerate cab driver?

Thanks a lot for including me in this particular stereotype. Like I don't have enough stereotypical images to battle without being weighed down with this...


Anders said...

Actually, the worst part about those CCZ commercials are that they are suppose to be funny. They're not, they're just annoying. I could have accepted a slightly sexist/ stereotyping commercial if it was funny and with a good sense of humour.

Anders said...

Oh, what have cab drivers ever done to you? Aren't you stereotyping cab drivers just a little, tiny bit in your post?

Wilhelm said...

You're right about the lack of funny part. If they had been done tongue-in-cheek and they'd been funny, as opposed to the laundry list of stereotypes, it might have worked out. Looking at the end result, though....I don't think so

Are you trying to crip on my set with PC thuggery right here? ;-)

Yes - I admit I brazenly used a cab driver stereotype in my post. To answer your question; what cab drivers have done to me mostly involves driving me to and from locations specified by me in exchange for money.

Anders said...

To answer your question; what cab drivers have done to me mostly involves driving me to and from locations specified by me in exchange for money.

Good backpaddling there, W-meister.

Btw: Always using the shortest route between those locations...?

Most cab drvers are OK, but living in Oslo and talking in a different dialect does make some of those cab drivers think they can get away with taking the "scenic route"... (and actually, that happened once in Bergen, but when I "just happened" to slip in some road information in the conversation that showed I knew my way around Bergen, he turned the taxameter off...)

Wilhelm said...

That's funny - I've tested this out in Drammen, of all places.

Me and a friend from another region of Norway stood at Bragernes Torg and hailed a cab driver, asking him to take us to a specific location we could actually see from where we stood. My friend did the talking, as he has a very different dialect than I do, and the taxi douche totally took us for a ride along the scenic route before reaching our desired location from another angle, so as to mask the fact that the net distance travelled was less than 300 meters.