Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The sale that wouldn't end

Getting hosed twice in the same campus bookstore sale now.........90% off this I must be an easy target. Maybe one of these books can remedy that, though

Brody's Human Pharmacology - Molecular to Clinical, 4th Edition (Elsevier Mosby) by Minneman, Wecker, Larner and Brody
It was relevant and it was cheap...and probably redundant.

Confessions of a Hypnotist by Jonathan Royle
It looked like an entertaining read, and Scott Adams rants on and on about it. Good enough for me. Plus, from the photograph of the author with his Jag on the back cover, dude must be doing something right. Perhaps he got that Jag by selling books like this to suckers like me...

Clinical Biochemistry, 7th Edition (Blackwell Publishing) by Beckett, Walker, Rae and Ashby
Looked interesting, and it's research relevant....yeah yeah; they got me good

Nanotechnology and the Environment (ACS Symposium Series 890) edited by Karn, Masciangioli, Zhang, Colvin and Alivisatos
Well well well - Paul Alivisatos; we meet again. In a freak coincident, I was recently roped into being an advisor for the committee on nanotech and (among other things) the environment for the nanotechnology study. Plus; this is one of them things that's brought up all the time, but there is very little information to be found, so this is cool.

Artificial Enzymes (Wiley-VCH) edited by Ronald Breslow
Relevant as all get-out.

Principles of Instrumental Analysis, 5th Edition by Skoog, Holler and Nieman
Awesome book to use as reference for various techniques in articles......

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