Thursday, March 6, 2008

Answers - guitarquiz 11

This must have been a difficult one, judging from the answers. Speaking of which:
  • Song 51: Janet Jackson - Black Cat. Quite the hit, actually, although truth be told, I only noticed because Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme played guitar on this song. The whammy-aided cat meow in the very beginning of the song was meant as a hint.
  • Song 52: Michael Jackson - Give In To Me. From the 1991 album "Dangerous". This song (as well as "Black Or White") featured Slash on geetar. None of y'all found this one.
  • Song 53: U2: With Or Without You. It's amazing how recognizeable a bass line can be. All y'all got this song. This was a cool song to play live back in da day too.
  • Song 54: Van Halen - (Oh) Pretty Woman. But of course Roy Orbison also gave y'all points. However; this version was the one recorded by VH, as evident from the squeals and extra notes.
  • Song 55: Meredith Brooks - Bitch. Cool song from '97, but one which eluded y'all this time around.

The Score for round 11 lokks like this:

  1. Sondre (6 points)
  2. Cathy/Anders/Pigeon (tied at 4 points)

Consequently, the Total Score after 11 rounds stands as:

  1. Sondre (75 points)
  2. Pigeon (64 points)
  3. Cathy (60 points)
  4. Anders (57 points)
  5. Torbjørn (6 points)

Congrats to Sondre once again - it looks like he will continue his Reign of Terror here at the m-factor guitarquiz. Good luck with quiz 12!


Pigeon said...

Sondre, I will break your knees !!!!!!!

Pigeon said...

Sondre, I will put your feet in cement and we'll have a boat trip together. It will be fun, you'll see

Wilhelm said...

Man; you're really thuggin' it up here, Pigeon

You're a regular Suge Knight up in heah'