Monday, March 3, 2008

Firewind and Kamelot in Oslo

Kamelot is coming to Oslo in May, and we're SO there. They are ending their year long, world wide tour for "Ghost Opera" in Oslo on May 3rd, with the amazing Firewind as support. Tickets were purchased yesterday.

Kamelot is one of the bands I've really wanted to see for a long time, and judging by their live 2006 DVD from Rockefeller (One Cold Winter's Night), they're an AWESOME live act. Firewind is one band we've actually seen live before, in 2006. October 28th 2006, to be correct.

It's gonna be off the hook.


Anders said...

3rd of May. Good thing it doesn't crash with the Clapton* concert in Bergen in august. I know you won't miss that one.

*For your information: Yes, he's still alive. I know that is a vital piece of information before you start your comment, Wilhelm... ;-)

Wilhelm said...

Thanks - nice of you to give me heads up on these things. I seem to have committed this particular social faux pas on more occasions than usual lately.

Isn't clappo too busy tryin' to find some potential hit song from relatively obscure black artists that he can rip off and make money that should have been theirs like they switched wallets?

Nice Em reference, huh?