Friday, March 14, 2008

The m-factor guitarquiz 14

Some more tunes - simple ones this time - to hold you over Easter.

Submit your answers to mfactorquiz (at) by the end of Monday 032408. Each song holds the potential of two points - one point for artist and one point for the song. Answers will be posted on Tuesday 032508.

Song number 66:

Song number 67:

Song number 68:

Song number 69:

Song number 70:


jrevaGuitar said...



Anders said...

It seems that the site that hosted the flash player is down, so I edited the two current guitar quizes to pure html embedded mp3-files. This means that the files will autoload and may cause the m-factor blog to load a bit slower.

I also moved the mp3-files to a different server, so I hoped I didn't screw up any of the tunes.

Wilhelm said...

...well; the site sure loads at a slower rate, Chief.

Thanks for fixin' the mp3's though

Anders said...

Sorry 'bout that. It's just a temporary fix, I will look into a more permanent solution during the Easter holiday.

Anders said...

Permanent fix up. If you're happy with it, that is.

This shouldn't slow down the loading of the blog and the playa' and mp3s are located at the same server.

Wilhelm said...

Thanks, bro. It seems to work like a mofo

Anders said...

Hoping mofo is a good thing, because now I'm updating the older quiz'es.

I bet Mr. Jrevaguitar likes to look into those old quizes. He's da quiz master, I'm sure...

Wilhelm said...

Looks like his site is mostly ripped versions of guitar instructional videos and such