Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The thrill is gone

Nope - this ain't about one of BB's most famous tunes, but rather about how the concept of a PhD defense is fast losing the magic it once held for me.

Never saw that one comin' round the bend, did ya?

Today I fulfilled the actual "attending and administrating" part of my second tour of duty as Administrator, Coordinator, Third Opponent and Coffee-go-getter of a PhD defense, and already it starts to feel like the PhD defense process is becoming a routine. And by the way; that is not at all meant as a derogatory remark about any of the participants, be it candidate, opponents, Department Head, adviser or any of the other cast members. It's just the way it is, and yet another sign that it's been a while since my own defense. Four years and two days, to be specific.

Good thing the odds are good for me getting to do this gig twice more this calendar year.

La freakin' cucaracha.

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