Friday, June 27, 2008

How to ruin a classic

The Corrs is a band that I've never paid any attentiont to. I know they are a couple of siblings (from Irland?), and in my mind I did for some reason believe they were decent musicians and songwriters.

However, I came by this unplugged version of Little Wing. Yes, I know, it is a bit overplayed, especially after Stevie Ray Vaughan recorded his version of if, but it's still a great little song. And Hendrix was best on his more love key tunes, in my opinion. Anyway, here is the Corrs version. And what strikes me is that they've replace every signature lick and all that makes this tune great with bonafide elevator music. Kenny G could have done that any better. And, the poor dude with a Gibson made Dobro that comes in with a solo later in the song, doesn't help. Too little, too late. Gibson Dobro's aren't the best sounding out there, and to make things even worse, it's played through a pick-up, which results in a quacking tone that sounds obnoxious. Judge for yourselves:

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Wilhelm said...

Jimi and SRV are spinning counterclockwise in their graves each time this version is played.

I imagine that poor Phil Lynott rotates as well, ashamed over the fact that these toora-loora-loo bastards are from Ireland.

And that solo was absolutely horrible - that's the worst solo to Little Wing I've ever had the misfortune of hearing. The guitar ain't even close to being his major malfunction when it comes to playing the guitar - the fact that he sucks is of more concern.

An "All Star" line-up of Kenny G, Secret Garden and Vengaboys could've done a better version.