Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GQ2: The Revenge - Round 5

...oh it's ON now:

Submit your answers to mfactorquiz (at) by the end of Friday 070408. Each song holds the potential of two points - one point for artist and one point for the song. Answers will be posted on Saturday 070508.

Song number 121:

Song number 122:

Song number 123:

Song number 124:

Song number 125:


Anders said...

Dude, this doesn't work. Have you messed up?

Anders said...

Now it works. Magic...

Wilhelm said...

...yeah; you're like David Freakin' Copperfield up in this motherf*cker.

And remember; If I'm not at 7-11 in 45 minutes, start without me >:-(