Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back In Bergen

So; after my PhD administrator bash I'm now in Bergen to git some bidness done, and to meet up with people I haven't seen in a while. As I strolled over to the rental car company to pick up my ride, I didn't expect much. After all, the web page defined the rental car classes in relations to Peugeot models, and I've had my share of rental cars of french origin, thank you very much. As a matter of fact, the two worst cars I've ever driven have been french cars with less than 10 000 km on them. Turns out I got a Toyota Prius. A red one, even, and as everybody knows, red cars are the fastest ones. The thing is ultrasilent (save for some noise from the bearings or something at low rpms), roomy, totally kewl-looking, and handles like a dream. It's got an automatic transmission which for me is a throwback to the Buick Regal we used to have stateside, only this one has more of a joystick feel to it. I'm lovin' this car, save for the fact that some sadistic freakshow set the language on the status display to - you guessed it - french. Putain!

It's even been a productive day, as me and Dr. H got to put the finishing touches on a major manuscript and submitted it to one of the better journals in my field - yay. This particular manuscript has taken almost exactly one year from the initial experiments were done to submission of what we hope is the final version, but it turned out well - I'm quite pleased with the finished product. And Dr. H made a kick-ass TOC graphic today, so that's also gonna get some exposure in the very near future. I really need to get some better graphics software than what I'm running now - that's becoming obvious. The only nasty surprise came after we started the online submission process. I'm a stickler for following the "Guidelines for authors" for a given journal, so I was pretty surprised when we found out that the online submission thingy has all kinds of extra hoops we've got to jump through, plenty of criteria not found in the "Guidelines" and some tedious double bookkeeping type crap. Why in the blue hell they changed the previous web interface is beyond me, as the new thing is very reminiscent of how another publishing house does it's online bidness. And that ain't necessarily a good thing. Oh well - the deed is done, and now we've got to wait for the wheels of peer-review to start turning.

There was even time for some TGIF with Dr. H and the A-man himself this evening - holla'

On the way back to the hotel, I stopped by Troldhaugen. It's been way too long since the last time I was there. When I lived at Fantoft during my student years, I walked out to Troldhaugen quite a lot. Something about that place is just so serene, despite the fact that you can hear the noise from the highway everywhere on the compound. Back in the day I even used to lug my guitar out to Troldhaugen on particularly nice days, and just sit down by the water and just play. Sure beat the hell out of the view from my place.


Anders said...

Aaaah... Fantoft!
Eh, not.

But Troldhaugen is really nice. Been thinking about taking the kids up there a weekend, but I keep forgetting.

Wilhelm said...

It is really nice out there. Imagine how kewl that compound must have been back when there was no highway on either side - just the calm water.