Saturday, June 14, 2008

Score one for the good guys

Our gym rolled out a "no tank tops or singlets" policy this week, and we're quite elated.

This was obviously a blow to the local guido community, but it was a long time coming in my humble opinion. This makes it more difficult for the "67 kilos soaking wet carrying a Jansport filled with all of Madonna's remix-cds" monsters who walk around carrying hyooge invisible suitcases to flex/strut their non-existent mass around and gather "you swole bro" comments from the lesser guidos. 'Cause that stuff was really gettin' out of hand at 3T, with set after set of pubescent douchebags rollin' at least deuce deep with their arms akimbo, fragile egos and raging hormones fueled by the buddy blowjobs and the distorted body image they observed in the mirror, like a freakin surface plasma polariton.

Better yet; t-shirts means less gross benches and machines, as these sub-70 kilo monsters never bring towels - that would cramp their style and make it difficult to bring enough protein shakes, water bottles and belts. Plus; when your arm is completely outstretched and you're a skinny runt, the weight of that towel is quite insurmountable. Moreover; no tank tops or singlets means a clear reduction in BO or cheap-ass cosmetic products like the infernal Axe-deodorants - nothin' but net as far as I'm concerned.

Now if they could only roll out a "no freakin' bicycle shorts" policy, I'd be close to ecstatic.


Anders said...

Now if they could only roll out a "no freakin' bicycle shorts" policy, I'd be close to ecstatic.

I may reveal my lack of gym experience here, but what's wrong with bicycle shorts? Black ones, of course.

Wilhelm said...

..unless you really enjoy looking at guys' packages and spindly legs, bicycle shorts in teh gym are awful

Pigeon said...

Come on !!!

I love those shorts

Wilhelm said...

..I know ya do buddy, I know ya do...