Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Epic useless info

Yesterday I watched the six o' clock news on NRK2 while at teh gym, and there was a short piece wherein a new report concluded with the fact that 1/5 of the child soldiers in the world are girls.

Who in the blue hell cares? Like the concept of child soldiers doesn't inherently suck in a way which transcends any set of boundaries of sucktitude associated with gender differences?

Now I'm just waiting for the knee-jerk reaction from some generic gender-difference preoccupied PC hoi pollois to publicly exclaim that "This is outrageous; at least 40% of the child soldiers should be girls by the end of 2010."


Anders said...

Yes, child soliders are some of the sadest things you see. And you're absolutly right; I don't see how the gender of those poor kids have any relevance at all.

Wilhelm said...

...this was one of the many, many studies I can't believe got funding...