Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tres movies

National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets. (2007).
I don't know what everyone's whining about; I thought this was a totally decent action/adventure movie. It's a Disney movie, so you pretty much know things are gonna start off well, there's going to be a brief period where things appear bleak, and there's a happy ending. Did anyone expect something different? In my opinion it's well-made, and a much better Indiana Jones story than anything starring Harrison Ford.

Varg Veum: Falne Engler (2007)
I didn't expect much from this, owing to the unfortunate fact that Pia Tjelta is featured everywhere on the cover. She must have some sort of contract where it's clearly stated that she's to be featured in at least 85% of Norwegian movies - preferably as the same person in each and every one. If only she was a good actress, I guess it would be understandable considering the small available pool of thespians in a country such as Norway. However, Pia Tjelta is a terrible actress, so I can understand why the acting community in Bergen is quite upset that so few of the cast in the Veum movies - set in Bergen - are from that region. When the "guest star" which is brought in delivers the worst acting of the entire cast - and probably the majority of the crew - the local actors have every right to be upset. Luckily Tjelta disappears early on, after having done what she always does onscreen, and the dark cloud lifts from the production. "Falne Engler" is in my opinion the best of the Veum movies so far - great flick. Well worth watching. And considering how the story unfolds, it's no risk of Tjelta appearing in any of the subsequent Veum movies, which is to everyone's benefit (with the possible exception of Tjelta, who'll have to find another Norwegian movie to take off her clothes in).

John Rambo (2008)
Aaaaaaaaadriaaaaannnnnn!! No wait; that's the other one. This series is where he single-handedly defeats the Viet Cong, the Soviet Union and the Burmese army. Quite a lot of sheer violence packed into 90 minutes or so. Beside Sly, this flick features the annoying girlfriend from Dexter (Julie Benz), and much like in the TV series, she sticks to what she does best, crying, being the victim and making others feel guilty. Meh.


Anders said...

And considering how the story unfolds, it's no risk of Tjelta appearing in any of the subsequent Veum movies

She could have a twin or come back as a ghost. There's always those options.

Been waiting for this to be released on DVD, and my next Peppes Filmdeal is gonna feature the latest Veum movie. And not to p*ss in your cereals, but isn't this a 2008 movie? Released to cinema in april or so this year?

As for Rambo, it's a no go for me. Even the trailer looked patethic. National Treasure part deux I might give a go. The first one was an OK watch, but I've been turned off by the bad critics on the last instalment. But since you said it was good, it must be.
...'cause you're the wind beneath my wings...

Wilhelm said...

I thought I read 2007 on teh cover, but see how much I care ;-)

The Rambo one was just a rhapsody in violence - I'd rather watch Evil Dead or another splatter movie, because there's no pretense of a story.

Wind beneath your wings indeed...

Torbjørn said...

Considering that there are approximately 4 actors/actresses in Norway (Tjelta, Nikolai Klevebrokk, Aksel Henie (man, this guy REALLY sucks!) and Ane Dahl Torp), I think there is a chance that you might see her again really soon.

When it comes to the Veum films, I find myself trying to recognize the locations more than paying attention to the film itself. Quite annoying, actually.

Wilhelm said...

I find myself doing that as well. Sometimes it drives me crazy 'cause I can't think of where a location is.

Still the best thing Norwegian moviemakers have produced since the 60's or so

Torbjørn said...

What happened in the 60's?

Wilhelm said...

....people grew long hair and developed unhealthy habits of aquiring VW vans, taking acid, putting "maan" at the end of every sentence whilst simultaneously being opposed to "The man" and wearing sandals and tye-dyed shirts.

That kinda' thing.

Wilhelm said...

Alternatively; how would I know? 8-)

Wasn't around back then - just wound the clock back and didn't bother to look up the release dates for Nine Lives and that type of thing.