Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Results GQ3: Mexican Standoff - Round 3

This must've been one of them there difficult rounds, which just underscores how much I suck at predicting the difficulty level for the quiz. Oh well; the songs were:
  • Song 151: Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line. Alternate bassline - check. Twangy guitar - check. Archetypical country music chord progression - check. Considering the surge in popularity which came with the movie "Walk The Line", I was surprised that you obviously didn't consider this a freebie. Oh well.
  • Song 152: Def Leppard - Photograph. Not their biggest hit, and what I thought was the hardest song to find in this round. I like this song, with it's simple rhytm figure floating on top of the muted pedal riff - awesome. No?
  • Song 153: Eminem - Superman. None of y'all found this. Damn.
  • Song 154: Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary. One of the few Jimmy James tunes I like, and one I've played many a time. I'm actually very happy with how Hendrix-y the guitar sound turned out on this recording. Even using a guitar with high-output humbuckers and Mesa-Boogie type amp model.
  • Song 155: Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca. Ricky F*ckin' Martin, that's who. Enrique Iglesias' sped up about 35 bpm. Probably a perennial favorite on the "Absolute Ibiza Party Hits Collection 37: The Sans Vengaboys Mix.

Consequently, the Round 3 Scores are:

  1. Cathy (8 points)
  2. Anders (5 points)
  3. Pigeon (4 points)
  4. Sondre (2 points)
  5. ...
  6. Marius/Torbjørn ( both tied at 0 points despite a valiant effort)

And now for the Big Kahuna, the Total Score:

  1. Cathy (23 points)
  2. Anders/Sondre (tied at 17 points)
  3. ...
  4. Pigeon (14 points)
  5. Torbjørn (10 points)
  6. Marius (9 points)

Congrats to Queen Cathy and good luck with round 4!


Anders said...

Damn! Johnny Cash! That song drove me crazy. Knew I've heard it before, but couldn't pin it. Dang! But do check out this ultra cool JC video.

Btw, you seem to have calculated the scores wrong. Don't know where, but I'm not third, so the error is obviously in your end. I expect this to be corrected after the next round.

On the positive side, I'm really please that I manage to get the Blind Lemon... sorry, Def Leppard song right. Took some serious YouTubing, that one. Never heard the song. The Jimi James and The Blue Flames tune was really cool. I just needed the guitar tone to take that one. Great playing and you sure nailed the tone on that one.

On the negative side: I think I've nailed every Emimen up till now. But this one, I didn't have a chance on. Thought it was some eighties stuff again. Even check out the tune on YouTube, and I can't recall every have heard the tune before. Sorry.

And: How the freaking h... can you hear the difference between the Ricky Martin "songs" (I'm using the word "songs" here in the absolute broadest meaning of the word)?

Wilhelm said...

..didn't know Ricky Martin had more than this song, bro.....apparently you're more familiar with "his" discography than you're lettin' on ;-)

Yeah; The Wind Cries Mary is an awesome tune. Supposedly dude wrote it in less than half an hour as well.