Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stood up like the president of the chess club.... the high school prom.

Last week some door-to-door people came and asked whether we were interested in a chatregarding how we could save energy in our home by means of inter alia an air-to-air heat pump. We set up a meeting for today - first at 6 PM, and then we immediately rescheduled it for noon so as to better suit Viktor's schedule.

The energy consultants in question are energirådgiverne, a daughter company of Eneas Energy AS.

At noon today, nobody showed. At about 12:30, I was plenty pissed, but we figured that there might be the possibility of the airhead who wrote down the schedule having forgotten to make a note of the schedule change from 6 PM to noon.

6 PM came and went, and nobody showed up. Not even a phone call.

Considering that these asshats came to ask us to take time out of our day to meet with them, and that they're actually peddling products, this is pretty shoddy salesmanship.

We're probably gonna buy a heat pump, but I'll go out of my way to make good and damned sure that we don't make the purchase via energirådgiverne or any company affiliated with them.

...and the hump-backed gargoyle they rode in on.


Anders said...

Yeah. professional to the fingertips...

Wilhelm said...

They do not rule