Thursday, July 23, 2009

Siv Jensen lacks leadership qualities?

According to Høyre leader Erna Solberg, leader of Fremskrittspartiet Siv Jensen lacks leadership qualities. If there is a person anywhere in the political realms of Norway that should know her role and shut her mouth about who's got alpha characteristics, it's Erna Solberg. Her brilliant strategy of first relegating the post of Prime Minister to a smaller party in a hypothetical coalition four years ago and then completely letting FrP take over Høyre's sedimented spot as the number two political entity in Norway firmly cements Solberg's position as beta or gamma politician.

Moreover, while she herself took the party leader position after one of themost anonymous politicians in the history of the universe, in a party where strong female candidates have been present for quite some time, Siv Jensen rose to power in the most male-dominated party in the parliament, and she did so following perhaps THE most charismatic politician in Norwegian history, Carl Ivar Hagen. Much can be said - and for sure has been - about the political views of Mr. Hagen, noone can deny that he was (and is) a brilliant politician and strategist who managed to take a fringe party to the number two status in Norway. Siv Jensen has actually managed to build the party further.

Cliff notes: Erna Solberg: STFU and step down so that someone competent can take Høyre back to its rightful position.


Anders said...

Though I'm no fan of Siv Jensen, I do have to give her credit for leading FrP. I thought that party was going to crumble and fall after Hagen retired as a party leader. Of course, there are other factors to FrP's progress as well, but nobody can deny that Siv Jensen has done a great job as a leader.

Wilhelm said...

...tru, tru

Anonymous said...

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