Thursday, July 23, 2009

..from Addræssa part 2

Adresseavisen from Wednesday July 22nd is just chock full of gems. Staying within the same theme as the previous post, the page 2 story deals yet again with the increased number of students at NTNU, and how this is perceived among theoretically qualified people. The header reads "Billige studenter finansierer dyre studier" ("Cheap students finance expensive studies"). In this piece, representatives for student organizations lament the fact that the increase occurs mostly within subjects like humaniora and social sciences, where the demand for expensive equipment is low or non-existent. By allowing more students into these disciplines, the increased cash flow is not used to improve conditions for these students, but rather funneled into more expensive subjects like engineering. According to the student representatives, this is not fair.

Welcome to the real world and the social democracy that is Norway. First, this is how pretty much everything works. Regardless of how much you pay in taxes, for example, you have absolutely no guarantee that your tax money is being spent on something that will benefit you directly. Your social security deductions are not being saved for when YOU retire, and so on. Moreover, the budget increase from the Department of Education was to be implemented immediately, and so it would be impossible to obtain the necessary facilities for, say, more students within natural sciences, where more lab space would be needed, etc. Compunding this is that the increased budget is not sufficient to be used for so-called "expensive" subjects.

This piece also contains a statement which betrays a complete lack of founding in reality among the student representatives: By accepting more students, the students are given false hope that they're gonna get a job following graduation.

Let's get one thing straight; the increased number of students is largely due to the fact that there is a financial crisis going on and concomitantly very difficult to get a job. Thus more people opt to go back to school. The extra budget is a direct consequence of the financial crisis. Am I to believe that the new, "extra" students are so howl-at-the-moon stupid that they believe that the government has also intervened to proportionally increase the number of jobs when they graduate?That the students fail to see the trend of more people going to school when jobs are scarce and thus that the very same students will have more competition for more or less the same number of jobs upon graduation?

Also; anyone who claims that entering a specific study guarantees a job five years down the road is blatantly lying to you. If that were true, there would hardly be a financial crisis now, would it? Nobody can predict what the job market looks like three to five years down the road. What CAN be stated, is that the most qualified students within a graduating class are likely to find a job.

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