Monday, July 27, 2009

Limits to Reese's Principle

Surely you know of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Principle? In the case of Reese's wildly popular Peanut Butter Cup chocolate bars, mixing (duh) chocolate and peanut butter made for one spectacular candy bar - adding two delish ingredients makes for an even more delish product. Logic, no?

Overlooking obvious "exceptions" to this rule, such as mixing beer (or girly beer in my case) and chocolate milk, we sure found out that this principle is less than generally applicable - the HARD way.

In our bathroom, we've got a free-standing dresser-dealie with three shelves exclusively dedicated to perfumes, aftershaves, cologne - various men's and women's fragrances. For whatever reason I like to have a truckload of different fragrances, and my wife isn't opposed to the idea of fragrance variety either.

Suppose that someone were to knock over these shelves, sending all the perfume bottles and such crashing to the floor, leaving a lot of shattered bottles and more than 0.5 L of various Chanel, Dior, Armani, Carolina Herrera, DKNY, Sergio Tacchini, Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, CK, Givenchy and other products spread nicely onto a heated bathroom floor.

Now; if Reese's principle were to hold true, the resulting fragrance would absolutely rule, and become an asset - albeit a strong one - to the air quality of the bathroom.

In three words - not so much. The first evening, the smell was such that it stung on the tip of your tongue if you stayed there for just a couple of minutes. Now, the smell is only confined to the bathroom (more or less), some five days after the incident. As an added bonus, we're STILL finding shards of glass on the bathroom floor, despite having washed and vacuumed the floor a bunch of times.

Just grreat!


Anders said...

I hope this episode have taught you to have a more manly bathroom shelf...

Wilhelm said... what regard?

Anders said...

Real man only have a bottle of Axe and a Gillette raisor on their bathroom shelf. Only side effect of smashing that shelf, is that all the glamour models within 10 miles will come running. Be sure to stack up on cola zero, and you'll be fine.

What, don't you believe commercials? You know it's against the law to claim effects for a product that's not documentet.

Wilhelm said... bad, then. Did I mention that a shelfload of my wife's perfume also went south?