Monday, July 6, 2009

Amplifier issue

I've got a problem with my Line6 Spider 210. Specifically, the amp is in the original state from when it was purchased in NC, meaning I've run it through a 110 to 230V power adapter ever since we moved here.

The adapter had the recurring problem of getting REALLY hot during use, and now the plugs are shot, leaving me high and dry (not the Def Leppard album) and currently unable to run my amp. What I want to do - or rather get done - is replace the transformer in the amp so as to enable use with 230V and Norwegian sockets. Seeing as how people import amps all the time, this should be a straightforward operation, right?

So; can I just haul the amp to the guitar shop and have them work their magic? And what would be a realistic estimate for how much that's gonna set me back?


Anders said...

How 'bout buying a real tube amp rather then that Guitar Hero wannabe Line6-thingy?

Do a search. I know there are several people who do amp repair. Including the conversion you are talking about. Don't know anything about time or cost, though.

Wilhelm said...

....well. I just talked to two different amp repair guys, and they pretty much recommended either 1) buying a new adapter thingy (which kind of sucks and doesn't solve the overheating issue) or 2) buy a new amp. Modding the amp itself would cost more than 5k.

F*ck! :-(

Anders said...

Djez... That was expensive. I had considered buying an amp from abroad, but now I see it ain't worth it. Dang!

5 grand would cover most of the cost of a new amp, right? Can't believe it's that expensive!

Wilhelm said...

...I'm looking in the general direction of the Spider III amps right now

Some pretty damn awesome stuff they've got.

Didn't have as much love for the Spider II series, but this is definitely an improvement over the original

Anders said... no vintage Supro amp with a 5 kNOK modification coming your way, then?

What's the difference in the spider amp series?

There is a Line 6 pod of some sort coming my way whenever the loft is finised. That's fer sure. I've convinced me about that one*.

*With the usual disclaimer that I will never admit owning a Line6 device in public. Of course.

Wilhelm said...

...inter- or intraseries differences?

Anders said...

The difference between the I, II and III version. Don't know whether that would qualify as inter- or intraseries, as I don't know jack about Line 6 amps.

Btw, what's up with the blog heading? The Richie and Bobby thing you got going there...

Wilhelm said...

I'll tell you what though; the only - and I mean ONLY - tube amplifier I'd even consider would have the word "Rectifier" heavily featured on the front panel. Mesa Boogie rocks, but in my opinion they're overpriced compared to the sound quality you can get from a Line6.

If there was no Line6, I'd be a Mesa guy. No way am I going back to a Marshall stack. I'd much rather use a Peavey JSX or a Carvin Legacy.

Wilhelm said...

RE: blog header. It's a recurring line from the cinematic masterpiece known as "Out For Justice", starring one Steven Seagal

Anders said...

It's a recurring line from the cinematic masterpiece known as "Out For Justice", starring one Steven Seagal

How could I have missed that. Is my face red, or what?

Wilhelm said...

Line6 Spider series: Each series comes in different versions with respect to wattage, mono/stereo (stereo makes ALL the difference in the world) and pretty much the same amp models. However; the transition from TOS (The original Spider) to Spider II included one great advantage previously only found on the Vetta (I think) - a direct recording output option. On the minus side, they included some more amp models and schtuff, and for whatever reason the guitar sound deteriorated compared to TOS. In my opinion, that is.

The Spider III comes with all kinds of options including direct recording (and even a CD/mp3 input for some awesome guitar karaoke effects - like a real guitarist's Guitar Hero. The FloorPod has this feature as well..) and more presets/amp models. However, the sound is much improved compared to Spider II (again in my opinion), and it's got a range of POD-like presets close top what I use anyway.

Wilhelm said...

"I'm gonna keep comin' back 'till somebody remembers seeing Richie"