Saturday, October 11, 2008

Results GQ4: Deguello - Round 1

Well color me surprised. The inaugural round appeared to have been much more difficult than anticipated. The songs were:
  • Song 181: Salt'n'Pepa - Push It. What an atrocity this song and this group is/was. They combined early rap efforts (which makes Vanilla Ice look like Ice Cube) with that late 80's early 90's dance moves which looked suspiciously like steps from an aerobic session rotated 45 degrees.
  • Song 182: Green Jelly - Three Little Pigs. One-hit wonder from the 90's, but man was this song everywhere. Downtuned theft job off of Smoke On The Water. I take it none of y'all are 90's buffs? I know this song all too well; we used to do it live, sometimes back to back with the aforementioned Smoke On The Water.
  • Song 183: Dokken - Dream Warriors. If any of y'all had been fans of "A Nightmare On Elm Street", you'd have found this even without any musical preference towards LA hair metal.
  • Song 184: Guns'N'Roses - Paradise City. Y'all found this one. When I recorded it, I discovered that I was STILL sick and tired of playing this song.
  • Song 185: Iron Maiden - Stranger In A Strange Land. If this song doesn't sound like your typical Maiden tune, it's because it's penned by Adrian Smith. Moreover, I'll take a lot of the blame for y'all not recognizing this, as the guitar and bass frequencies on this recording overlap way too much. Bad mixing, plain and simple.
This means that after the first round - and thus also overall - we've got a winner:
  1. Torbjørn (5 points)
  2. Anders/Cathy/Sondre (tied at 4 points)
  3. ...
  4. ...
  5. Marius/Pigeon (tied at 2 points)
Congrats to T-bombz
and good luck with round 2.


Anders said...

congrats to mr. T. He's getting a little too good at this a little too fast...

Torbjørn said...

I'm really impressed!

No wonder I didn't make that Green Jelly thing, don't think I heard any music during the 90's at all! Not 90's music, that is.

Wilhelm said...

You kicked ass this round, T-boss